Trademark Litigation

Deris has one of the largest trademark litigation teams in Turkey. This expert team is qualified to act before Courts for all instances for cases such as infringement, invalidity, cancellation, declaration of non-infringement, and unfair competition. Further, the team has years of experience in taking cases against the decisions made by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. 

The trademark litigation team has obtained precedent-setting court decisions which constitute well-recognized milestones in trademark law regarding the likelihood of confusion, the highest compensation award in any trademark-license infringement dispute, well-known trademark protection, 3D trademarks, and even the enforcement of per se color trademarks. 

One great advantage for the team is that it is supported by trademark attorneys. This support makes the firm’s service unique in combining extensive litigation experience with premium prosecution expertise. This synergy of knowledge and experience enables the litigation team to foresee pitfalls in advance. Thus, both strategic and commercial solutions in enforcing the trademark rights can be offered.  


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