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We are proud to announce that as a result of the assessment conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute, Deris is entitled to be certified as ''Great Place to Work® the second time in Turkey, enabling excellent workplace.

Deris has been the first law firm being certified as Great Place To Work® in Turkey.   

Congratulations on this wonderful result we achieved together as a family! We will continue our Great Place to Work® journey to preserve and improve our high trust workplace culture.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® Institute is an expert organization and considered as an authority in the construction of high performance and high trust culture companies in more than 60 countries with its 30+ years of experience.

Great Place To Work® Institution is a research and consultancy establishment which is specialized in company culture and supports companies in all scales in constructing the perfect workplaces and improving them with its offices in 5 continents and 60+ countries. With its employee and high trust culture focused approach, Great Place to Work® contributes to forming perfect workplace culture with its trust based philosophy as well as helping companies to increase their innovation and economic performance.

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