Deris Holds the First Online Customs Training in Turkey

Deris Holds the First Online Customs Training in Turkey


We are very pleased to announce that Deris has held the first online Customs Trainings on behalf of 26 right holders on June 18, 2020 with approximately 200 Customs officers from 4 Regional Customs Directorate. 

deris holds the first online customs training in turkey

 Despite the COVID-19 and the consequent restrictions, Deris still receive a large amount of notifications from the Customs Authorities on counterfeits transit passing, entering or exiting our country. Therefore, building awareness before the Customs and keeping the attention of the officials alive is still highest priority of Deris anti-counterfeiting team in fighting against the counterfeits.

The Ministry of Trade has accepted our official request filed on 15th of April 2020 in order to organize online customs training for building awareness of the Clients’ IP rights in Turkey. We, as Deris, are pleased to be the first law firm to apply to the Ministry of Trade both orally and formally for the organization of the online customs training.

The Deris trainers team was comprised of Muazzez Koruturk, Tugce Guven, Feride Utku, and Burcum Evgin. The trainings were provided to the following Customs Directorates simiultoneusly.

1-Kackar Regional Customs Directorate (Northeast part of Turkey) 

2-Orta Akdeniz Regional Customs Directorate (Mediterranean Region)

3-Dogu Akdeniz Regional Customs Directorate (South part of Turkey)

4-GAP Regional Customs Directorate (Southeastern part of Turkey)

The presentations were effected in the name of well-known global brands from very different sectors such as adhesive technologies, beauty care, laundry&home care, communication technologies, woman care, baby care, luxury accessories, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engine solutions and clothing. 

5 of the presentations were mainly based on the patent rights and the others were based on the trademark rights and design rights of the Clients.  The team informed the Customs officers regarding IP rights of the Clients, the fake/genuine products, differences between the fake/genuine, authorized sellers/importers/distributors in Turkey. 

Deris will continue to follow up the opportunities to attend online customs training and the regional customs training for protection of the IP rights of the clients before the Customs. 

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