Online-Event-Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement

Online Event: Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement


Anti Counterfeiting Enforcement Webinar


We are pleased  to announce that the Webinar on Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement, was held online on June 09, 2021 with the collaboration of INTA and the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The event was the continuation of Seminar on Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement and Coordination, which took place in Istanbul Court House on January 15, 2020.

During the Webinar, Current State of Physical Counterfeiting before Courts, Administrative Bodies and Customs were discussed. Speakers included Turkish Supreme Court Judge, Judges of Civil and Criminal IP Courts along with Public Prosecutor specialized in IP, specialist from the IP department of Ministry of Trade and International IP Director/ Legal Counsels of multinational global companies and e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, the attendees included Lawyers, Trademark Attorneys, Academic Personnel, In-House Counsels, Business Partners and Students.

The Webinar started with the keynote speakers Ms. Myrtha Hurtado Rivas, Global Head Legal Brand Protection at Novartis International AG Chair INTA Anti-Counterfeiting Committee and Prof. Dr. Habip Asan, the President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Following their opening remarks,  Mr. Okan Can, East Europe and Central Asia Chair of INTA Anti-Counterfeiting Committee from Deris moderated the first session on the Current State of Counterfeiting before the Courts.

Supreme Court 19th Criminal Circuit Judge Ms. Gizem Yahsi Yılmaz, was the first speaker of the first session referring to the current state of physical counterfeiting summarizing the crucial precedent decisions. The second speaker, Istanbul Anatolian Public Prosecutor Mr. Adnan Cavus referred to the issues encountered while obtaining search and seizure warrants, reasonable doubt and related procedures in this regard. The third speaker Istanbul Bakirkoy Criminal IP Court Judge Ms. Fatma Sonan Karan Dolunay talked about the criminal proceedings in relation with Anti-Counterfeiting and criminal sanctions for counterfeiting activities. Additionally, Intellectual Property Director of KERING GROUP Mr. Riccardo Frediani delivered his presentation on the common obstacles encountered during fighting against counterfeiting and shared his comprehensive experience. Legal Counsel of GittiGidiyor of Ms. Asli Tarhan was the last speaker of the first session referring to the online counterfeiting within the scope of the IP Code and Internet Law.

The first session was very insightful as it included the perspective of different individuals, a Supreme Court Judge, an IP Public Prosecutor, an IP Criminal Court Judge, IP director of a world-class Luxury company and a Legal Counsel of one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Turkey.

The second session was moderated by Ms. Elif Betul Akin, Head of Re-examination and Evalution Board of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Istanbul Civil IP Court Judge Mr. Hakkı Buyukdogerli was the first speaker of the session regarding Court proceedings as to seized goods before Customs. The second speaker attending on behalf of the IP Department of Ministry of Trade, Trade Specialist Ms. Hacer Turgut emphasized the importance of Customs during fighting against counterfeiting considering that Turkey has a very busy traffic in terms of its customs due to its geographical location. The third and last speaker of the session Head of Legal and Compliance Henkel Turkey, Ms. Zeynep Zeren referred to common obstacles encountered during fighting against counterfeiting in borders and in general terms.

Last part of the program was the Questions part of the Webinar, where the speakers answered many questions raised by the attendees as to significant counterfeiting issues. The attendees were eager with their insightful questions and opinions regarding the topics discussed and current issues encountered during combatting against counterfeiting. The Webinar was fruitful in terms of discussing current issues, sharing common problems with customs and judicial authorities on effective solutions as to wide-reaching counterfeiting activities in Turkey.

 Anti Counterfeiting Enforcement WebinarAnti Counterfeiting Enforcement WebinarAnti Counterfeiting Enforcement Webinar

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