Career Planning in the Covid-19 Quarantine Days

Career Planning in the Covid-19 Quarantine Days


Having managed the personal and professional development of its team as a structured process, and achieved very promising results since 2017, DERIS updated its "Career Guide" to include 13 main topics at the beginning of 2020. The guide provides a clear narrative of which stages to go through on the career path along with examples, and a framework of the plan is presented so that people can turn this into an action plan of their own.

At DERIS, in support of the career path with “internal coaching”, a total of 15 mentors from all levels ranging from managing partner to paralegal have been trained in three years.

Remote working became inevitable just when the career process began for 2020 following the performance evaluations and employees were matched with their coaches.

The strong IT infrastructure and management support reports have enabled us to quickly shift the supports to be given to employees on their career journey online and to immediately implement same without a delay.

In two weeks, the following trainings were provided open to the participation of all those on the career path, especially with the intention of easy planning of behavioral actions; prior to these trainings, online surveys were conducted, and priority and key issues were determined

  • Reviewing career guide and putting it into action plan
  • Associating personality with DERIS competencies
  • Dark side of personality – performance derailers
  • In which psychological role do I contribute to the team?
  • Internal coaching for all sponsors

The training process has been completed with great participation as of today. From April 1 onwards, employees will start planning online in-house coaching meetings with their coaches.

In the cause of keeping close communication within the team, and due to the elimination of difficulties gathering everyone together in normal times, it has become the reward of these difficult days for the employees to invest in their career plans.

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