Customs Training in Turkey

Customs Training in Turkey


Muazzez Koruturk, Senior Associate and Tugce Guven, Senior Associate at Deris attended the regional customs training dated December 05, 2019 in Gaziantep organized by the Ministry of Trade.

During the training, the presentations were made by 15 different representatives for approx. 80 IP right holders before the 50 customs officers from Gaziantep, Mersin, Adana, Antakya, Iskenderun and Sanliurfa (cities in southern part of Turkey) in order to provide information regarding IP rights of the clients, the counterfeit/genuine products, differences between the counterfeit /genuine, authorized sellers/importers/distributors in Turkey etc.

Presentations made by Muazzez and Tugce in the name of  14 IP right holders consisting of well known global brands from very different sectors such as accessories, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engine solutions, sports and clothing. 

5 of the presentations were mainly based on the patent rights and the others were based on the trademark rights of the clients.

Deris team contributed to build IP awareness before the customs officers who had a chance to study on the counterfeit/genuine products during the breaks.

Deris will continue to follow up the opportunities to attend the regional customs trainings for protection of the IP rights of the clients before the Customs.

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