Turkey - Unreal Campaign 2021 Kicks off With A Webinar

Turkey - Unreal Campaign 2021 Kicks off With A Webinar


We are very pleased to announce that we held our kickoff training event for INTA–UNREAL Campaign through an online webinar on 7th of March 2021. The training addressed the law students and interns from different Universities and regions of Turkey. We have also called for volunteers who will also take a part in the Unreal Campaign project for expanding the trainings and reach out to a higher number of students in 2021. We are very happy with the interest and the desire of the participants to contribute the Project.

About Unreal ;

The Unreal Campaign is the INTA consumer awareness initiative to educate those aged 14 to 23 about the importance of trademarks and brands and the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products. The event is effected through illustrative, relatable presentations, largely at schools, youth-oriented events, or virtual platforms, and through social media engagement.  (


turkey unreal campaign 2021 kicks off with a webinar

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