Deris attended the customs training in Edirne on December 15, 2022 on behalf of the clients.


Deris attended the customs training

Burcum Evgin, Senior Associate and Tugce Guven, Senior Associate at Deris attended the regional customs training dated December 15, 2022 in Edirne organized by the Ministry of Trade.

During the training, the presentations were made in the name of IP right holders before approx. 50 customs officers from Trakya Regional Directorates of Customs and Trade and its related Customs. Presentations made by the Burcum and Tugce covered a great many numbers of industries such as accessories, electronics, perfumes, cleaning products, chemistry, engine solutions, food and beverage, entertainment and clothing. The presentations were mainly based on the trademarks of the clients, as well as design protection, patent rights and copyrights.

This training was organized physically after 2 years -due to Covid-19 Pandemic- and therefore Burcum and Tugce had chance to talk to the customs officers one-to-one as well.

Deris anti-counterfeiting team will continue to follow up the opportunities to attend the regional customs trainings for protection of the IP rights of the clients before the Customs.

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