Patenting Procedures Relating to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Roundtable

Patenting Procedures Relating to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Roundtable


Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“TURKPATENT”) organized the roundtable of Patenting Procedures relating to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on November 06, 2019 in co-operation with European Patent Academy. The roundtable was moderated by Marcus Rabe, a senior EPO expert involved in the search and patent examinations.

The roundtable started with an introduction of the Vice President of TURKPATENT, Cemil Başpınar, with regards to the recent applications and achievements of TURKPATENT and also provided information on ePats. He also provided information as to the application numbers in 2019. Accordingly, there is 10% increase in foreign patent applications; likewise, %9 increase in trademark applications and 5% in design applications, whereas the local patent applications were decreased 3%.

Patent examiners at EPO also made presentations on the examinations of patentability requirements of patent applications and an overview as to patent examination processes. There were also some ICT sector specific explanations. According to the information provided during the roundtable there is 4.6% increase in European patent applications in 2018 and the top technology fields were listed as medical technology, digital communication, computer technology, electrical machinery/apparatus/energy and transportation sectors. Additionally, it is concluded that 47% of the patent applications in 2018 before EPO were coming from EPO states and the rest of the application were mainly shared between United States (25%), Japan (13%), P.R. China (5%), R. Korea (4%).

At the roundtable it is discussed that the online patent information at EPO website may be used as an effective tool for retrieve strategical information as to business development as well as understanding of existing technologies and identifying gaps in technologies. Within the perspective of technical analysis, EPO provides significant information for infringement analysis and provides a basis for existing technologies.

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