Turkey Patent Report is published!

Turkey Patent Report is published!


“The Patent Report of Turkey 2020” has been published which involves detailed data and statistics of the patent landscape and Turkish patent filers.

  • One of the statistics provided is the list of top 5 global companies which obtained protection in Turkey. These are BSH Global (1241 patents), Philips (972 patents), Ericsson (605 patents), BASF (530 patents) and Saint Gobain (482 patents).
  • The trending sectors for the Turkish Patent filers within the past 5 years between 2016 and 2020 are Artificial Intelligence (930 patents), Data Analytics (3300 patents), Cyber Security (564 patents), Biotechnology (735 patents) and Finance (900 patents). This may be deemed as an indicator for companies active in these sectors whether to designate their patent applications to Turkey or not.
  • The champions of the PCT applications from Turkey are Arcelik with 256 patents, Turkcell with 31 patents and Medipol University with 28 patents in 2020.
  • The top 3 countries in 2020, preferring Turkey to designate their patent rights to Turkey are Germany, U.S.A and Switzerland.
  • Top 3 Universities in Turkey which filed patent applications in 2020 are Istanbul University (595 filings), Istanbul Gelisim University (571 filings), TUBITAK (225 filings), Istanbul Technical University (131 filings).

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